The lineup


One of April Fools' Day jokes

(ZR, 2000, No. 4) there was a note about the long-base Oka.

But it turned out the car

with an extended base exists. And there is

"Oka" -pickup, "Oka" with a diesel engine …

Alexander BUDKIN, Andrey KOCHETOV

The first Oka VAZ 1111 car rolled off the VAZ assembly line in 1989. For eleven years, the car almost did not change. The only modification that appeared in 1996, the VAZ 1111 3 with an engine with a displacement of 750 smz, replaced the first-born. Today, Oka is produced at two enterprises: the KamAZ Subcompact Automobile Plant (ZMA) and the Serpukhov Automobile Plant (SeAZ).

“OKA„ -PICAP. Well, what kind of truck from Oka, you say? But no, they did. The newly created Experimental Industrial Center of the KAMAZ ZMA presented to the public a “Oku” pickup truck with a 725 cc … diesel engine. The semi-frame car combines the details of the serial “Oka” with those that are produced today by the enterprises of Naberezhnye Chelny (read KamAZ). The double cabin is welded from standard and a pair of original stamped parts. The profile for the pickup truck frame is borrowed from the frame of Kama trucks. And the tilt body is made from the serial "Okovsky" trailer - it is made here. In general, with the world on a thread.

The main parameter of a pickup truck, even a small one, is its carrying capacity. So far, it is the same as that of the usual Oka, a little more than 300 kg. When more powerful rear springs appear on the machine, it can grow. But not much: after all, in the "class" of 600 kg, the VIS made on the basis of the "Quartet" is already working.

Since the carrying capacity of the machine has not changed, the suspension remains the same. An exception is only the rear shock absorbers from the VAZ “six”. But the wheels "grew" one inch. Dimension 155 / 70R13 will help the machine better cope with irregularities. 13-inch alloy wheels for three "shackle" studs can be found in stores today.

Under the hood of the Oka cargo truck, there was a liquid-cooled two-cylinder D18A diesel engine designed in Vladimir specially (!) For a minicar. It develops power of 18 kW / 25 l. with. at 4400 rpm, allowing you to disperse the car to "hundreds" with a little. And what is the promise of fuel consumption: in the country cycle - 3.4 l / 100 km, in the city - 4.3. What is not a candidate for the title of the most economical truck?

Of course, the car has yet to be finalized: conjure over the workflow, reduce noise at the inlet, choose a more powerful starter, and finally, choose her name. While the novelty is conventionally called the “Gnome” (strange: after all, seven years ago it was called the two-seater on the basis of the Oka, made at the VAZ!). They plan to start small-scale production of a pickup by the summer of next year.

“OKA” - STRETCH. Are you already funny? As you know, but unlike a pickup truck, which is almost a year old, the long-wheelbase Oka should go on sale much earlier. They called her the same name as the “countrywoman” - the young singer: “Alsou”. The body (and base) is 150 mm longer than the usual one, an insert appeared, indicated by a wider central pillar. By the way, the truck, which was discussed above, has the same base - unification.

The idea of ​​the OPC designers is not difficult to solve. After all, the standard "Oka", four-seat according to the documents, is actually 2 + 2. Rear passengers can not sit in it for a long time. In the long-wheelbase version, however, the legroom behind was noticeably increased: in the Samaras and Lada there is no such space. It is noteworthy that the elongated body is made without sawing two ordinary ones, but using the original stamping. Plastic-concrete stamps made for this will allow, if necessary, to produce several thousand of such machines a year.

And what is interesting, the long "Oka" under the hood? Bah, this is old MeMZ! The deformed "Tauride" engine with a volume of 1091 cm3, is powered by A-76 gasoline and delivers 36 kW / 49 l. with. The gearbox is also Melitopol, but four-speed. Such a “Tavria” did not put - the engineers kept it “in reserve”. They probably knew that it would come in handy (the five-speed engine does not fit into the engine compartment of the Oka). The same power unit can be installed on the “Dwarf”. Transferring torque to 13-inch wheels is entrusted to CV joints from Tavria. Brakes - their own, "shackles." They say they can do it, however, if necessary, they will put more powerful mechanisms for subsequent modifications. The technical solution for this case is ready and even tested.

“OKA„ - STANDARD. Having looked at the wonders of modernizing the car, I would like to ask if they will change anything in a conventional conveyor machine. Yes they will. And something has already been done. The factory workers assured us that now all the cars are equipped with headrests, most of them with handrails for the passenger (above the door), many with inertia seat belts. Instead of a long-standing panel with a combination of devices from a “penny”, on some machines they will put the next (it seems the fourth in a row) version with devices from the “six”. It is possible that the Melitopol four-cylinder engine will appear not only on the long-wheelbase, but also on the “short” “Oka”. And most importantly (ts-ss, this is a secret!) - AvtoVAZ is discussing the possibility of developing a new body for the Oka. Like this! To completely confuse readers, we inform you: SeAZ, actively cooperating with DAAZ and, apparently, VAZ, is in full swing developing a fuel injection for Oka. The completion of the work, it seems, is not far off.


General data: number of places - 2; curb weight - 680 kg; carrying capacity - 300 kg; fuel consumption at 90 km / h - 3.4 l / 100 km; fuel supply - 30 l; diesel fuel. Sizes, mm: length - 3350; width - 1420; height - 1410; base - 2330; track front / rear - 1210/1200; ground clearance - 170. Engine: diesel, four-stroke, pre-chamber D18A; the number of cylinders - 2; cooling - liquid; working volume - 725 cmz; cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 76x80 mm; power - 18 kW / 25 l. with. at 4400 rpm Tire size: 155 / 70R13.


General data: number of places - 4; curb weight - 680 kg; fuel consumption at 90 km / h - 5.0 l / 100 km; fuel supply - 30 l; fuel - A-76 gasoline. Sizes, mm: length - 3350; width - 1420; height - 1410; base - 2330; track front / rear - 1210/1200; ground clearance - 170. Engine: four-stroke, gasoline, carburetor MeMZ-2451; the number of cylinders - 4; working volume - 1091 smz; cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 72x67 mm; compression ratio - 7.9; power - 36 kW / 49 l. with. Tire size: 155 / 70R13.

Under the hood of the "Oka" -truck - D18A diesel.

Thirteen-inch wheels and more powerful shock absorbers will fit the pickup.

Space for the knees of the rear passengers is enough.

New panel.

“Oka” -stretch: there should be a lot of good car.