Turn to the "Classic"

Luminaries of tuning almost forgot about the "Lada". Fortunately, there are still “oases”, where they offer inexpensive improvements.


Today, the owners of VAZ 2105 … 2107 are usually middle-aged or older people who are used to counting money. But they are not alien to advanced trends - many are ready to improve the driving characteristics of their cars. There is only one peculiarity - to the adherent of the "classic" give what is cheaper and better. The fact that it is more expensive does not seduce him. If so, let's forget about leather salons, air conditioners, plastic hinged elements, a radical modernization of most nodes. We restrict ourselves to engine modifications no more than 200, from the strength of 250 US dollars. What can be done for this money? Specialists of the Moscow-based company Kartyuning propose replacing the regular camshaft with a product of the NPF Master-Motor, installing an adjustable camshaft sprocket and a Solex carburetor brought to mind. The cost of the entire package of work is just $ 260. If we limit ourselves to just a camshaft or just a carburetor, then it is realistic to meet $ 100–120. But the most noticeable effect is achieved, of course, with the installation of all three of these parts. And now briefly about each of them.

It is unlikely that anyone needs to be convinced that a properly regulated, properly working carburetor is a useful thing. However, in this case, these qualities, and even high reliability, for example, a non-sticky needle valve and several other improvements, we get along the way. Its main purpose is to configure the power system for a specific modified engine. Hence the Solex (DAAZ-21073) with large diffusers, altered calibrations, and a number of original parts.

An adjustable camshaft sprocket is mounted instead of the standard one when replacing the serial camshaft with a non-standard one. It is needed for the exact installation of the phases, and if necessary, for their stepless correction to achieve maximum efficiency from the engine. The only drawback is that any manipulation of the sprocket wheel requires the removal of the valve cover, while in front-wheel drive motors, it is much easier to get the split gear operating according to the similar principle. The readers of “Driving” are already familiar with the products of Master Motor (1995, No. 4; 1997, No. 5). However, we recall that the company produces a wide range of camshafts, including several models for the VAZ “classic” (see table. 1). The peculiarity of each shaft is in a different cam profile than the factory one, which allows you to increase the power and torque of the motor. If the greatest increase in performance is achieved at low speeds in the range from 1000 to 3000–3500 rpm, the shaft is called “lower”, otherwise “upper” or “high-speed”. Without going into theoretical calculations, we will show you a rule that facilitates orientation in the table - the larger the valve lift (stroke), the stronger the camshaft shows high-speed qualities.

Now let's see what the modified engines are capable of. Five cars of the classic layout with DAAZ-21073 carburetors, five-speed gearboxes and main pairs of 3.9 were tested on the special roads of the landfill. The test results are in table. 2. Comment on them.

Six and sixty-fifth (the first two columns of Table 2) are a typical example of a balanced approach to tuning. The motors of both machines are equipped with "bottom" camshafts exactly in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. The result is obvious - not to say that outstanding, but not bad indicators of elasticity. Both cars have an even temperament, good high-torque performance, they can confidently accelerate without spinning the engine to the red zone of the tachometer, and quite calmly carry the pull-up ride. With such a motor, it’s easier to move around in the city bustle, and the trailer, if necessary, is easier to pull, and it is not too burdensome to drive with a full load. Retribution - a slight decrease in maximum speed. But frankly, how many owners of the "classics" are striving for it? Given the speedometer error, the actual 135–140 km / h is the arrow dancing at around 150 and howling at almost engine speed. Do you often ride in these modes? That's just it - a properly applied torque is actually much more important than record power indicators.

In addition to the listed advantages, the “bottom” shafts have one more thing - they are completely interchangeable with serial ones. Additional processing of the cylinder head is not necessary. "Upper" will require countersinking bevels of saddles. And the result is a slight increase in maximum speed with a noticeable deterioration in elasticity (third, fourth columns of Table 2). Moreover, a larger engine, the one that is installed on the VAZ 2107 4, did not add much, but it did not lose too much. Whereas the Quartet engine frankly pulled up one parameter at the expense of another. And this despite the "sports" carburetor. However, a driver with racing inclinations will love an apparatus with this character. In the first three gears, the tachometer needle breaks joyfully toward the red zone. The car as if asks to turn the engine all the way. Reckoning occurs with the transition to higher gears - the engine frankly sours. Uphill or overtaking - with a shift to lower gear. Riding a pull? Sin in half, of course, is possible, but this process is the best fit for the definition of “pulling rubber”.

Is it possible without compromise? So to say, traction and speed in one bottle. That the song sounded in all range of turns. Sorry, within the agreed amounts will not work. But if you go beyond the budget …

The engine with a volume of 1450 cm3 is equipped with the most revolving shaft from the Master-Motor line, although the manufacturer recommends installing it in units of the Nivovsky caliber. The cylinder head is thoroughly modified. The indicators inspire respect (fifth column of Table 2), especially the elasticity in the version with enlarged carburetor diffusers.

But we will be consistent: in terms of costs and ideology, this instance falls out of the general series. The following steps begs it: to upgrade the transmission, suspension, etc. I will not be mistaken if I assume that for the owner of this VAZ 2106 the next car will be … That's right, the "eight" or "ten". In any case, that would be logical.

So, who decided to try moderate tuning of the “classic” in business risks being in the role of a donkey between two haystacks. Eating both will not work, you need to choose one thing - “bottoms” or “tops”. To make the right decision, consider in what conditions your car is used more often. Logic suggests: a high-torque machine is more practical. But you must admit, not everything can be calculated - the call of the heart sometimes drowns out the voice of reason.

Together with the new camshaft, a split sprocket is also mounted, which allows you to adjust the valve timing.