We will sit down on the road

Do they get back pain?

Before it's too late, think about how and what you are sitting on.




Let's start with the main thing - sitting is harmful, and especially in a car. Our musculoskeletal system was originally designed for walking. We enjoy the benefits of civilization with might and main, but for some reason the more we sit, the more we get tired. Is that familiar? So, from the moment a person plopped down in the chair of his car, he begins to harm his own health. And the longer it takes to stay in the same position for hours, the sadder the consequences can be. When sitting, some muscles relax, others become numb, the back bends, and the internal organs are compressed. In addition, the load on the intervertebral discs increases, and with them, as you know, jokes are bad. Back pain is a harbinger of a whole bunch of illnesses. Do not believe? Ask an experienced doctor. He will confirm - for motorists, problems with the spine are becoming a disaster. You have iron health and nothing bothers you yet? Lucky! But if you do not get out of the car for a long time, you will surely “enter”. Then you will understand - treatment is more complicated than prevention.


What if everything is so bad? Put the "iron horse" in the stall and ride on public transport? Of course not. A correct posture and an orthopedic perfect seat will minimize harm, and those who already suffer from mild illnesses can even be healed. We’ll talk about which car seat is better. In the meantime, let’s take care of those that do not require material costs and are accessible to all occupations - we sit down in science.

So, we started. In the photo on the right there are two posture options: a - incorrect, b - correct. The latter is distinguished by the fact that the spine has a natural S-shaped bend, which allows to compensate for compressive and tensile forces. We briefly state the remaining requirements. Landing should be vertical (straight), buttocks are firmly pressed to the junction of the lower pillow and back, arms are slightly bent, shoulders do not lose contact with the back when turning the steering wheel or shifting gears. The lateral support of the chair must fit well to the body, but do not squeeze it. The upper edge of the head restraint should be placed no lower than the earlobes. The optimal gap between the back of the head and the head restraint is about 2 cm. It is desirable that the lower seat cushion is long and does not reach the popliteal hollows by two to three fingers. Note that correct posture may not seem the most convenient for the driver. At first it causes discomfort - the long-term habit of sitting haphazardly affects. People will get pleasure from the correct posture after one or two weeks when discomfort disappears or old pains cease to disturb.


Unfortunately, consumers and manufacturers pay attention to complex suspensions, heavy-duty motors, and elegant alloy wheels from light alloys. Seats are often created according to the residual principle. The result is logical - not every chair can be adjusted properly for itself. After all, any serial seat is inherently a compromise, the purpose of which is to find a basic form for everyone. And we are so different - tall and short, thick and thin, heavy and light. Not to mention the fact that people of the same complexion differ in proportions: the length of their arms, legs, etc. Obviously, the ideal chair should suit its owner. By analogy with a well-tailored suit - sit like a glove. Are there such people? Of course! Have you ever heard of the companies Recaro, König, Sparko and others, which offer a wide range of seats for every taste as optional equipment.

Recaro, for example, offers three lines of car seats. The first is the relatively cheap Sport Series seats: Speed, SR, N-Joy, Sport. Second class up: Trend, Style, Mobility. And the last model is a kind of designer from various backs and pillows. The desired combination is collected in accordance with the wishes of the customer. The third, most expensive and comfortable Prestige series is Ergomed, Orthopaed seats, full of servos. Inquisitive people, of course, will want to know what's inside. Well, we’ll arm ourselves with something sharp and, like the heroes of the “Twelve Chairs”, we’ll cut the fabric with a cut - we’ll see what’s in the bowels of the special, unprecedented in standard factory seats.


The contents of a modern (far from the most expensive) corporate chair are respected. What is there only! Here is the mechanism for adjusting the lateral support (photo 1). The rubber pad integrated in the back is the lumbar support (photo 2). It is adjusted according to the figure, pumping air with a pear built into the sidewall of the seat. The springs, on which the lower cushion rests, take care of the spine - they dampen the blows in case of suspension breakdown (photo 3). The sliding roller in the lower part of the chair (photo 4) will please tall people - it allows you to extend the pillow if it seems to the owner too short. Upholstery and stuffing, one might say, is a masterpiece of engineering. Those who had to sweat on cheap leatherette in hot weather will appreciate these hygienic tricks. The outer layer of the fabric easily passes moisture into the seat. Under it is a layer of cunning material of one-sided conductivity - water will leak even deeper, but it will not penetrate back to the human body (photo 4). Next up is a packing with through drainage wells. And at the very bottom of the chair is an exhaust fan. Electric heating? You are welcome! In some models, it is standard equipment, in others it is mounted for an additional fee.

The seat not only provides comfort, but also is responsible for human safety. You can be sure that the powerful frame of the backrest will not break when hit in the stern of the car (photo 2). There is no doubt the strength of the mechanism for adjusting the backrest (photo 5). Experts believe that the future is with rigidly built-in, fixed headrests. However, adjustable retractable is still mass produced. A good head restraint is fixed in a massive box (photo 6). It is not easy to shift it even in its highest position. The same illustration shows a plastic casing mounted on the back of the chair. Remember how the passengers creeping in behind. The angularity of their knees is felt by the back through the back of a regular seat. This will not happen with the cover, and in case of an accident it will save you from injuries that may be caused by the cargo lying at the rear of the car.

How much does a good branded chair cost - comfortable, safe, perfect from the point of view of an orthopedist? From 350 conventional units. Expensive. But almost as much people give for a set of rims, audio equipment, anti-theft system, etc. Maybe invest in their own health and safety?

We, in turn, promise not to be limited to this material on a "sedentary" topic. In one of the nearest rooms you will find a test report of various car seats.