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Freeze - Warm


Video: Freeze - Warm

Video: Freeze - Warm
Video: Brain Breaks - Action Songs for Children - Move and Freeze - Kids Songs by The Learning Station 2023, October
Freeze - Warm
Freeze - Warm



Last fall, we introduced a family carriage to readers: a husband is a competent motorist and a wife is a beginner. They have a neighbor, a driver with a short experience. We hope that this year, communication with them will give you confidence. While on a frosty morning, our heroes are dismantling the winter "surprises."


Wife (trying to unlock the car door, but to no avail). Something happened with the lock, the key does not climb.

Husband. Last night, when you parked the car, it was damp. It got colder at night. Moisture condensed in the castle and froze.

Wife. What to do now?

Husband. Let us warm the castle. (He takes out the lighter.) Look, it’s useful. I insert the key into the lock, as far as possible, and warm its protruding part from below. The ice is gradually melting, the key falls into place, and I turn it, unlocking the lock. Done!

Wife. Wow! (He tries to open the door.) But for some reason the door does not open …

Husband. For the same reason. Apparently, it does not fit very tightly to the rubber seal, and moisture froze in the gap. (The door jerks several times, it hardly opens.) It’s good that it didn’t freeze very much, otherwise you can tear off the seal. It is necessary to lubricate the seals with a water-repellent composition, and if it is not, glycerin or any grease that does not spoil the rubber. A very simple way also helps. If the day was wet, and the night promised frost, you need to wipe the water on the doors, on the seals and blow out the locks, at least with a hand pump.

Neighbor. I saw a hurried driver in the same situation burning a piece of newspaper, warming the lock, and at the same time burning the paint around it.

Husband. If in advance, before frosts, a special liquid for locks was injected into the castle, or at least WD-40, water would not have got into the castle. By the way, with such compounds it is possible to dissolve ice in the castle, but it takes more time than heating.

Neighbor. Somehow, on the advice of an experienced person, I used brake fluid for this purpose. The lock opened, and in the evening after work - it froze again.

Husband. Of course, because, unlike special fluids, brake water does not repel water, forcing it out of the castle, but, on the contrary, eagerly absorbs it. By the way, "brakes" and paint does not like. (He looks at the temperature gauge.) The engine warmed up, let's go.

Wife. Can't you see? Did the arrow reach the operating temperature?

Husband. I see, but there are already 40-50 degrees. Take away the "suction" to a stable low speed and give gas. If the engine responds normally, you can go. You will clean the “suction” as the temperature rises.

Neighbor. And they told me that the engine should be warmed in place to the operating temperature - about 90 degrees, otherwise it will wear out intensively in motion.

Husband. This view is as indisputable as the first, both theoretically and practically. During warming up, the mixture enriched (with fuel) enters the engine, because the air damper (“suction”) is covered. At the same time, carbon deposits are intensively deposited in the cylinders and on the candles, and the exhaust is very toxic. At least for this reason, I am opposed to a long warm-up in the yard, near the houses. By the way, no one could establish the difference in wear: fans of both methods repair engines after the same run.

Wife. Okay, let's go. (The car twitches, but remains in place, the engine stalls.) God, what happened?

Husband. The pads of the rear brakes froze to the drums. Did you apply the parking brake yesterday? The pads did not move because they froze. Some try to give more speed and sharper to engage the clutch in the hope that the pads will disconnect from the drum. Alas, at the same time they can come off the blocks.

Better go home for a hot kettle. (Leaves.)

Wife (turning to the neighbor). Did this happen to you?

Neighbor. It was time at work in the evening. But then a co-worker found a suitable hose. He inserted it into the exhaust pipe and sent warm gases to the drum. He warmed up, however, it took quite a lot of time. Of course, hot water will be faster.



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