In Zaporozhye - Koreans, and in Kiev - Conferences

Buyers about joint venture products.

Leonid Sapozhnikov

JV AvtoZAZ-Daewoo celebrated its first anniversary. The celebrations were modest and inconspicuous - to match the achievements. From May to October 1998, the Zaporizhzhya Automobile Plant made four times less than planned - 11 thousand "Taurus" - and was forced to stop the conveyor, since half remained unsold. With the Korean models “Lanos”, “Nubira” and “Leganza” the situation is not much better: although in Ilyichevsk near Odessa they collected about 13 thousand cars using the “screwdriver” method, people, to put it mildly, do not line up for them.

In former times, such a failure would have been followed by scam, the punishment of those responsible. And now we have held … an all-Ukrainian conference of buyers (where the correspondent of ZR was invited). Gathered more than a hundred. Everyone was invited to speak out, so that, taking into account their opinions, the joint venture could improve the situation.


In Korea, the most popular of the Daewoo models is the roomy and solid Leganza, the price of which is comparable to the annual salary of a skilled worker (10-12 thousand dollars). In Ukraine, Leganza is also in relatively good demand, but only among wealthy individuals - after all, here it is one and a half times more expensive. It is significant that its owners did not arrive at the conference: for them, time is money …

Most of those who bought Lanos or Nubira used to drive VAZs or ZAZs. With such points of reference, they highly value the comfort, ride and dynamic qualities of their new cars. So, the 54-year-old buyer from Ivano-Frankivsk feels at Lanos 10 years younger and very happy after 8000 km, only the fourth gear popping up on an uneven road is upset. At least once applied under warranty for service stations, it still pops up …

The Kievite, who managed to drive on the "Nubir" along the mountain roads of the Crimea and the Carpathians, noted its excellent maneuverability and good traction properties of the engine. The only wish is to amplify a too weak sound signal. The director of the enterprise from the Poltava region agrees with him, admitting that he calls his “Nubira” nothing more than “Lyubira”. It’s just a pity that the beloved goes on sale without rear wheel arches and protection of the engine crankcase, and the sound signal is really not solid, especially for the director …

The Lugansk owner of the Lanos managed to test its passive safety: it crashed at a speed of about 60 km / h into the side of the six that did not give way. Itself got off with a scratch, it squeezed the car pretty much and would like to return it to the manufacturer in order to receive a new one after paying. The Koreans on the podium of the conference did not respond to this dream.

It seemed that in Ukraine “Daewoo” professes the principle: “The main thing is to get involved in a fight, but we'll see.” Buyers not only praised, but complained. The shortage of spare parts, for example, and the lack of their catalogs, the fact that the operating and repair instructions are not translated into Russian, and even more so into Ukrainian. The fact that the first CO from Ilyichevsk exceeded the level of CO, wheel alignment was not adjusted. Such, to put it mildly, “Daewoo” did not allow such negligence even in Poland (which has not yet joined the EU, but is already on the verge).

There were also complaints that after parking the engines would not start on the first try. And that the actual gas mileage is much higher than the passport. The first Kharkov Lanos customer, Chernyakov, who drove the most - 42, 000 km, said that he was generally happy with the car, but that water was leaking into the trunk, and the gas pump failed in the 13th thousand. But to the suspension, which is rumored to be short-lived on our roads, he still has no complaints.

The Presidium replied that some of the comments had already been taken into account, and the rest would be withdrawn in the near future. Rejected only complaints about the squeaky signal “Nubira” (“passed certification, meets the standards”) and that the passport fuel consumption is underestimated.

“As for the gasoline pump, ” said Mr. Cho Te Ho, responsible for the quality of the joint venture, “a lot of dirt gets into it along with the fuel and the filter cannot cope.” The best way out is to find a decent gas station and refuel on it. But, perhaps, we will remove the filter from the gasoline pump to facilitate its replacement.

Thinking, he added with a polite smile:

- You see, in other countries there was no such problem …


You will not envy the fate of this car. In the 80s, due to lack of funding, she lost several years on the way to the conveyor. In the early 90s, after the breakdown of ties with Russian suppliers, it was sadly famous for defects in components. Then he began to drive the marriage Melitopol motor, forgetting what salary is …

The joint venture modernized Tavria and began to advertise it as a Ukrainian “people's car”. But at first, under the guise of "Tavria-Nova, " they sold a car equipped with what God would send (ЗР, 1998, No. 12). Our factories are not used to leaving consumers in the cold, but it was incomprehensible that Koreans were involved. Rumors have passed: they say that they have their own calculation - to completely compromise the Tavria and replace it on the conveyor with the Matiz minicar.

At the conference, Korean leaders of the joint venture carefully refuted this version:

“Tavria is necessary for the Ukrainian consumer, including the disabled, and we do not intend to replace it with our models. It is easy to repair, you do not need to look for spare parts for it - and where else would you buy a similar car for that kind of money?

You can buy Tavria for $ 2, 800. The joint venture finally guessed to lower the price of cars that do not comply with the design documentation. And they came up with a diplomatic name for them: the "transitional model." For the sake of greater mystery, it is also called “sixteenth”, although it would be necessary - “poor-quality”.

“To be honest, many suppliers simply deceived us, ” said Oleg Papashev, deputy technical director of the joint venture. “They presented some components for certification, and the deliveries went with completely different ones.” Hence the problems with rubber products, starter, alternator, etc.

Anyone who does not want these problems pays $ 500 more and receives a Tavria-Nova (with a useful addition in the form of a vacuum brake booster). Here is the opinion of a resident of Zaporozhye who managed to drive about 11, 000 km in two months:

- “Nova” is very different from the previous “Tavria” in the quality of components and bodywork, interior trim. Appearance has become more elegant and neat thanks to the modern color. There have been no breakdowns yet. Remarks? Polish shock absorbers work poorly, especially front ones. The heater fan still squeals in the passenger compartment. Engine noise is heard less, but I would like to muffle it again. But in general, Nova is a step forward, and it will be very disappointing if she dies.

But to die, according to the leadership of the joint venture, should be "transitional". There was a good intention not to let her continue on the conveyor.