American truckers are not too fond of cabover trucks. Of the total number of heavy trunk trucks (class 8 in American terminology), cars with a cab above the engine are only three percent. The new Freightliner truck, which debuted in March, is called to shake this ratio.

The company (the American branch of the Daimler-Benz concern) spent $ 70 million on the development of this truck, which took two and a half years. “We wanted the new Argosi ​​to catch up with our Century Class bonnet tractors in handling, style and driver comfort, ” said James Hib, president of the company.

And Freightliner designers have something to be proud of. Even outwardly, the “Argosi” (in ancient times the so-called large merchant ships, and in modern English “argosi” - the poetic synonym of the ship) is much more reminiscent of European trucks than traditional American road cruisers. But the main "bait" is hiding inside. Cabins (80 percent of their aluminum panels) are of five sizes, the most luxurious of which - 2794 mm long and with a high roof - is equipped with comfortable sofas, a TV, a refrigerator, a wardrobe and other things unusual for Russian truck drivers. The floor in the cockpit is almost even - the presence of a motor under it gives out only a step 75 mm high. By order for the car, you can install a ladder that automatically extends to meet the driver, you just have to open the door.

Equally important for the truck is the ease of maintenance, the availability of components and parts to be checked and adjusted. Lubrication of all nodes of the Argosi ​​chassis can be carried out every 161 thousand kilometers (one hundred thousand miles). For comparison, at KamAZ this must be done after 4000 km. Some parts - spring bushings, cardan shaft, clutch bearing - do not require any maintenance. Daily monitoring is also as easy as possible - just lift the front panel of the cab, which opens 120 ° up, with the radiator lining.

The driver will be monitored by the electronic “Driver Message Center”, which displays diagnostic and navigation information in three languages. In addition, the factory warranty for the entire car (as standard) is given for three years or 560 thousand kilometers.