Honda Civic in Russia

after 200, 000 km on German roads.

Sergey OSOKIN. Photo by Vladimir Knyazev

The fourth-generation Honda Civic, which will be discussed, debuted in the fall of 1983. Four years later, the suspension of the car was improved, which became independent on all wheels, and the exterior was updated. Front-wheel drive coupes, a three-door hatchback, a four-door sedan and a five-door station wagon with 1.3 engines were produced; 1.5 and 1.6 liters. For the last two modifications there were four-wheel drive versions.

Not so long ago, the owner of the Lada called the editorial office. She was eyeing the purchase of a used Volkswagen Golf, and was interested in prices. Some time later, at the height of the working day, the handset spoke again in a pleasant voice. It was thought: the suitable "Golf" turned up, I need advice, and advice, as you know, is an ungrateful thing …

- What is your opinion about the Honda Civic? - they dazzled me at the other end of the wire. Coughing, I had to read something like an impromptu lecture into the phone.

The Civic model has been running a pedigree since the beginning of the 70s and has become one of the most popular in the world. Three years ago, its release exceeded 10 million units. Some cars were equipped with the original automatic CVT - a kind of stepless V-belt variator. A kind of revolutionary novelty was the electronic control system for valve timing and valve lift (VTEC), developed in 1989.

Designed for buyers with medium and low incomes, a pretty subcompact met a wide variety of needs: various types of bodies, a variety of finishes and accessories, and high reliability. As for the latter, I did not have to go far for an example. In the spring of '96, one of my fellow journalists bought a four-door sedan in Austria with an engine of 1.5 liters and a mileage of 102 thousand km, which was then ten years old. Since then, the "Japanese", which cost $ 4, 100, has already run fifty thousand kilometers, was operated in winter and summer, in Moscow for business and in the countryside, and almost without breakdowns. I had to change the clutch, the wheel drive hinge, the boot, the “handbrake” cable, the ignition lock contact group, and, as usual, as I drove, two sets of front pads, oil, filters … I managed to buy all the spare parts abroad - either to the owner himself or to his acquaintances, so it took about $ 300 to do everything. Repair was carried out on their own and with the help of experts, neighbors in the garage. The ease of control and the maneuverability of the Honda prompted my friend to give her daughter a gift, who still does not enjoy the gift.

“So I made the right choice!” - My interlocutor perked up and struck with news: “Honda Civic” has already been bought by her the other day. Once again amazed at the features of women's logic - first make a purchase, and then consult, I asked why the choice fell on the Japanese brand. It turned out: buying a car coincided with the beginning of financial disasters, time was running out, and among the used "golf" put up for sale, as luck would have it, there was no suitable price.

The nine-year-old Honda - a three-door hatchback - costing the new mistress $ 4, 500, looked like brand new. A run of about 200 thousand km on German roads had practically no effect on her appearance. The 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine, located transversely, worked without interruptions, breathed transparent heat, without any smoke. The elegant appearance of the car, catchy, swift, stylish, bribed even more. She cannot be confused with her Japanese classmates, not to mention the Koreans. Many today do not even think that she is the "grandmother" of the modern Honda Civic. However, is it worth wondering about her fit sporty appearance if Honda's racing activity flourished in the 1980s?

In the city stream, the dynamic miniature Honda Civic can be very maneuverable. Sixteen-valve engine with one overhead camshaft rated at 75 hp accelerates a car weighing 800 kg to "hundreds" in 11 seconds. Perhaps the last figure these days is not particularly impressive, but the carburetor engine works without failures, with excellent traction, starting from the "bottom", although it is not equipped with the famous VTEC system. Independent suspension with anti-roll bars in combination with a wide track and a low center of mass of the car allow you to quite cornering. “Honda”, of course, is not a heavy-duty “athlete” like the “Porsche”, but with a “cheerful” character, and if you wish, you can slightly frolic on it.

Before flaunting on the streets of Moscow, I had to fix some problems. It turned out that the lower radiator tank is damaged and flowing. The cooling fan electric motor did not work. We managed to buy a used radiator assembly with a cooling fan on the market - it came from one of the Toyota models of the early 90s. At the same time, they installed new brake pads bought in a Honda store in a private car service, replaced the Tosol and a headlight bulb. Managed to meet the 240 "green." Now you can confidently drive.

The driver and passenger will enjoy the unexpected spaciousness in the front seats. But the process of landing behind the wheel did not seem too convenient. The car is squat, and each time it is necessary to manage to carry the right foot under the steering wheel, crouching slightly on the left. Sitting in a driver's seat, sporty low, is not uncomfortable, but rather unusual … But even a tall driver does not rest his head on the ceiling.

The design style of the front panel evokes memories of familiar “paints” Samara. Only here there is a sense of taste and, of course, everything has been done in good faith. Neither the panel nor the door trim with velor inserts on the go emit nasty sounds.

As usual, in small class cars, rear passengers are paid for the comfort of the front passengers. It’s cramped there, and landing and disembarkation are sheer flour. Perhaps the riders will be entertained by the rear side windows, which can slightly open slightly, like windshields. But a family-laden lover of country trips will dishearten a miniature trunk. Perhaps a practical person will not like the "exaggerated" body sills. The thing is stylish, no doubt, but God forbid I remember. Not a gift and a narrow "non-standard" battery …

However, I left with me boring discussions about practical trifles, noting with what eyes the owner looked at her Honda. Ready to swear, she just fell in love with her at first sight. And if the “Civic” is surrounded by ten of the finest “golfs” when buying, the choice has hardly changed. It is evident that it was not for nothing that at one time the Honda Civic affectionately dubbed the Porsche for the secretaries. "

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