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Opel Zafira


Video: Opel Zafira

Video: Opel Zafira
Video: Opel Zafira - самый популярный минивэн 2023, April
Opel Zafira
Opel Zafira




Opel Zafira

The popularity of minivans and station wagons in Europe is growing every year, so it is not surprising that most automotive companies are seeking this promising market sector. So, Opel, in addition to conventional station wagons based on Astra, Vectra and Omega, already offers a Zintra minivan. The car you see in the illustration will go on sale in the spring of 1999. As conceived by the specialists of the German company, Zafira will be the first step in creating a new family of roomy and functional machines that provide customers with even more comfort than before.

At the spring of this year, the Geneva Opel Motor Show first demonstrated the interior of Zafira. If the car is used as a family car, it will comfortably accommodate seven people, while its length is only 4.32 m and its width is 1.71. If it is necessary to carry as much cargo as possible, the cabin is easily transformed into a double one with a luggage compartment volume of 1700 liters.

It is curious that, unlike most cars of this class, none of the seats need to be removed: just press a button and they automatically fold to form a flat area.

The designers even took care that they did not have to remove the head restraints first - the seats fold together with them. With a wheelbase of 2.7 m, the Zafira is quite roomy in a five-seater version. A triple second-row sofa is mounted on a slide - its position can be changed by varying the boot volume from 490 to 640 liters. Of course, the owner is free to fold the seats in parts, although this is already difficult to surprise anyone.

Landing in a car is higher than, for example, in Astra, so visibility is better. As for passengers, headroom will be quite enough for those who have grown to 185 cm.

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