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Recent advances in technology have allowed the creation of small generators without a cooling fan from the outside. Their name is “compact generators”.


Here is one of them - small, light, even elegant, thanks to the openwork case. It looks no worse than the Bosch, but four times cheaper! Designed to work with all VAZ engines. It was mastered by the Moscow Automobile and Tractor Equipment Plant No. 1 (ATE-1), having assigned index 26.3771.

VAZ cars have a gear ratio of engine and generator pulleys - 1: 2.04. With this value, the new generator, even when the engine is idling, gives off a current of at least 25 A, which is quite enough to supply energy to all the devices that are turned on. Such a high power is achieved thanks to the stator wave winding (the wire is wound using the “wave” method) and the use of a larger section winding wire (it allows to fill the stator slots as much as possible). This increases the power characteristics of the generator, reduces noise.

Let us compare the power indicators of the Samara generator 37.3701, the “ancient” G221 and the compact type generator 26.3771 for VAZ 2101 -2109. The graph shows their current-speed characteristics corresponding to the technical conditions. The generator speed is determined taking into account the gear ratio of the pulleys equal to 1: 2.04. So, at engine speeds close to idle, the G221 generator generates a current of 18 A, the generator 37.3701 - 29 A, and the generator 26.3771 - 26 A. When the car moves at a speed of about 80 km / h in fourth gear (engine speed 2500 rpm) the G221 generator produces a current of 42 A, the generator 37.3701 - 55 A, the generator 26.3771 - 57 A.

As you can see, the energy performance of the 26.2771 generator is better than that of the G221, and it is inferior to the 37.3701 generator quite a bit and only at low engine speeds.

A few words about the design. In the 26.3771 generator, bearings of the wide series 6–180502K1S9Sh1 and

6–180503KS9Sh1 with a service life of 150 thousand km of car run, while for generators G221, 37.3701 - 125 thousand km.

The resource of the brush assembly has been increased - contact rings of smaller diameter are used in it. Consequently, the peripheral speed in the contact patch and, accordingly, the wear decreased.

The integrated voltage regulator type Ya212A11E or 36.3702 is combined with a brush assembly. The use of a new element base based on integrated technology (control chip) in the manufacture of controllers increased the voltage stability of the generator set with increasing load current. In addition, the voltage regulator is made in a metal-glass case, which, unlike a plastic case (as, for example, with a 37.3701 generator), eliminates internal breaks in conductors associated with thermal shock. The brush-contact assembly is covered with a plastic casing.

Centrifugal fans are located inside the generator - at the ends of the pole system of the rotor. Even at maximum speeds, the generator is cooled without undue aerodynamic noise.

On the outside of the cover, on the side of the contact rings, there is a rectifier unit of the BPV 86-60 type, closed by a plastic casing. A 2.2 uF capacitor is installed on the outside of the casing, which reduces radio interference.

The new generator is about 0.5 kg lighter than 37.3701, the case diameter is 20 mm smaller, therefore it is easier to install on the engine.

Modern cars are full of various "smart" electronics - fuel management, on-board computers, navigation systems, radio and alarm systems. Meanwhile, it is known that when a load is suddenly disconnected in a 12-volt on-board network, a short-term voltage surge sometimes exceeds 100 V. Even for filter-protected electronic devices, this is sensitive. (Many complain about seemingly unreasonable hardware failures.)

You can get out of the situation by applying new power diodes with the so-called Zener effect in the rectifier blocks (it is easier to use zener diodes). Without going into subtleties, we can only say that they limit the short-term voltage surge to 40 V safe for electronics. Some of the generators 26.3771 will be equipped with rectifier blocks with the Zener effect, which will not increase their price much (by about 5%).

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