I had an incident while I owned a Volga car. I once noticed that the left spring near the rear axle beam was suspiciously misted up with oil - and let me think what it could be.

Well, remembering the episode with a slightly twisted fitting of the oil tap, from which oil ran so well once, it seemed to find the reason and calmed down (especially since not only the spring, but the bottom on the left side was also in oil).

I drive myself further and drive. And suddenly I discover that my spring has literally started to bleed out oil. I don’t understand what the matter is, because the oil did not drip from the engine and it was practically dry from below. And the oil drove in a very interesting way: it filled the spring support platform and flowed down from it - since there are beads at the platform with stampings to increase rigidity, it served as a kind of trough for this oil.

An incredible thought came to me: what if the Gazovtsy introduced a spring lubrication system under pressure to eliminate squeaks and increase durability? And did not say anything about this to the people? In general, I removed this oil from there - it was 50–70 milliliters in the eye, and when I removed it, I saw that it was clean and had a specific smell of transmission. Well, I decided to check its level wherever it was poured. The box is okay, but the rear axle … 150 grams had to be added immediately to eradicate the harmful effects of oil starvation. There was no doubt: it was the rear axle that was the oil donor for the spring.