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Photo by Sergey Ivanov

Any man who remembers the approaching birthday of his beloved wife (however, not necessarily his wife) knows these torments - what would you give? Flowers - by itself, but also? New pan? Not that … As they say: I have the opportunity to buy a goat, but I have no desire. The problem is simplified if your desire is supported by a bank account - at least five thousand for five American money. Then you can give a real car! More precisely - a little car. Cute, almost plush, just for a woman.

The RIAT company (Development, Production of Automotive Engineering) from Naberezhnye Chelny, previously engaged in special vehicles based on Kama trucks, decided to try its hand at another sector of the automotive market. She drew attention to the smallest KamAZ product - Oka, trying to make it more attractive to the buyer.

What is the difference between the tuning "Oka" from the standard? Let's start with the mechanics. The engine is equipped with a 750 cm3 engine with central injection developed at DAAZ (similar to the one planned to equip classic VAZs). Measurements on running drums gave a good result - 29 kW / 40 hp against 25 kW / 34 h.p. on a motor with a carburetor. At the same time, the toxicity of exhaust gases, even without a catalytic converter, meets Euro-1 standards. In addition, the steering rack has been finalized.

Outside, thirteen-inch wheels on alloy wheels are striking - the car looks more solid on them. And besides, it “holds” the road much better than on narrow standard ones - and this is already active safety. And the likelihood of "punching" the bus to the disk is significantly less. Those who ride twelve-inch wheels will surely appreciate this advantage. The "reserve" is old and now looks like a kind of "dokatka" - a large wheel does not fit in a regular place under the hood. The more serious “shoe” entered the front arches without problems, but the rear ones had to be slightly modified. In addition, all arches are edged with embossed plastic overlays. Fog lights and headlights are mounted in ABS plastic bumpers. Headlights and direction indicators - from Tavria. Over time, lighting is supposed to set its original. At the top edge of the rear door appeared a small spoiler with a repeater brake light. On the bottom there is a plastic trim, which is convenient to tackle when opening the trunk. A transparent sunroof is installed in the roof, and outside mirrors are located on both doors. All plastic elements are painted in body color. The latter, by the way, is also being repainted.

Inside, the Oka has changed even more radically. The interior is made in blue and white. Sheathing panels and seats received a new upholstery made of soft material, "bare" metal is not visible anywhere. Front seats - from the "eight", rear - "native". The original front panel is glued from plastic. Devices - from the "five" and "six". And also - a wooden steering wheel, power windows, central locking, Kenwood radio with four speakers, additional body insulation and some other improvements.

At the wheel of the tuning “Oka” the first thing you notice is an unusually high landing. However, a man taller than an average or short woman will surely like such a landing. Starting, you can optionally “polish” the asphalt with the front wheels. Dynamics has improved: 22 seconds to accelerate to "hundreds" and 130 km / h of maximum speed. With three passengers, the machine easily keeps in city traffic, without requiring frequent manipulation of the gear lever. And in fourth gear, it can even accelerate on a steep climb from a speed of 50 km / h.

So, the well-known Oka has acquired new qualities: attractiveness from the outside, comfort inside, dynamism in motion. How much will it cost the owner? Refining your own car, depending on the components, will cost $ 2–2.5 thousand, the new Oka from RIAT - $ 5–5.5 thousand. Is it expensive? Then maybe you should take a closer look at the pans?

Tuning "Oka" from RIAT looks much more attractive than a serial car.

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