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Do Not The Gods Skid Win


Video: Do Not The Gods Skid Win

Video: Do Not The Gods Skid Win
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Do Not The Gods Skid Win
Do Not The Gods Skid Win


Lesson ninth


The new year has begun - the lessons at the Women's Club continue. We explain to those who joined us in the coming 1997: in this section, an experienced race driver Mikhail GORBACHEV explains to our sister the wisdom of driving. Our goal is to learn how to drive a car no worse than the representatives of the stronger sex and clearly prove to them that all the jokes, mockery and jokes on the topic “woman driving” are untenable. Therefore, dear ladies, at the desk!

Drivers who have not learned how to drive correctly (among whom, to be honest, there are many women), it is believed that the consequences of skidding are fatal. Indeed, if the car "skid" - troubles often can not be avoided, especially for an inexperienced motorist, inclined to panic. But accidents can and should be avoided. How? Only one way: master the technique of controlled skidding. No other is given. Someone will say: “Well, ooh! A controlled skid for a woman … It's impossible. " Do not believe it! If you really want to, this technique can be mastered.

First, let's figure out what a skid is. This is the initial stage of rotation of the car around a vertical axis. To control this movement and, if necessary, quickly stop it in practice is not too difficult. Racers often use controlled drift on a slippery road, which allows them to drive at great speed and not lose control over the control.

An insufficiently experienced driver has only one method against the occurrence of skidding - a significant reduction in speed. You, of course, are not racing drivers, but inexperienced to remain somehow offensive. Therefore, dear ladies, do not be lazy - take the time and drive out to an area of suitable size covered with compacted snow. Of course, there should not be pedestrians or vehicles on it. Immediately make a reservation that the driving techniques of front-wheel drive cars and "classics" with rear-wheel drive are very different. Therefore, before you start training, carefully read the lesson and make sure that you understand everything correctly. Today - about cars with rear-wheel drive.

Moving around a circle with a diameter of about 12 meters, we gradually add gas. Increasing speed will increase centrifugal force - and when it exceeds the grip of the wheels, your car will leave the desired trajectory. Thus, we “modeled” the occurrence of a skid and did not fit into an imaginary turn. Now we repeat it all over again, but with the only difference being that we will cause a skid intentionally in order to meet it fully armed. To do this, sharply add gas. The rear axle will begin to skid. Immediately react by sharply turning the steering wheel in the direction of skidding. I did not make a reservation, it was a sharp movement. This contradicts the recommendations of textbooks on driving a car, where it is said in black and white: “there are no sudden movements on a slippery surface”. Sudden actions - driving, gas, brake - really need to be avoided while you are driving on a slippery surface, so as not to provoke a skid. But if it has already begun, it is necessary to turn the steering wheel energetically, clearly and quickly.

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