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As In Nagatino Shame

As In Nagatino Shame
As In Nagatino Shame


When I remembered the advice of an experienced taxi driver - not to drive closely for trucks, it was too late. My cherry “nine” with the front right wheel fell into the open hatch of the well, which abundantly strewn all the roads of Moscow.

A brief inspection revealed a bursting stretch bracket. I decided to slowly drive to the Vazovsky technical center "Nagatino", which my friend recommended. He arrived at the technical center around noon. Camouflage guards blocked the entrance to the repair box: to whom, why? I even doubted whether I had come to the technical center. I had to summarize the reason.

Leaving the car at the gate, I went inside. The dark room was packed with cars. All the mechanics were busy, with several cars at once. I alternately began to persuade them to go out and look at my car. After an hour or more, one agreed. Peering under the front, he made such a look on my face that my heart went cold. As it turned out later, this is a proven method - to make the client understand the uniqueness and complexity of the upcoming repair, which threatens to go almost to replace the body. “Nobody will undertake this except me, and I have no time - here for a couple of hours of work,” and slowly, so that I could persuade him to take up repairs, I went to boxing. Finally, he said: “Maybe welding is needed. Find a welder. If you agree, call on the lift, we will analyze everything you need, then you will quietly go (!) To the second box to it, there you will weld the nuts back to the lift.”

Grandfather-welder turned out to be mobile, with the device on the cart. The only bad luck was the kerosene cutter. “There is no acetylene,” he explained. - Come tomorrow". Leaving the car here until tomorrow is the same as tying a cow in the forest. I decided to persuade the mechanic to try without welding. (As it turned out later, she was not required.)

Finally, paying the "guardians"

10 thousand, drove into boxing to the treasured lift. The “overalls” of the mechanics did not outwardly differ from the rags used to clean the engine, and when he attempted to get into a clean cabin to call on the lift, I politely convinced him that I could enter myself. The mechanic still could not resist and touched the body several times. The fingerprints seemed to etch not only the Turtle Wax protective polish, but also the paint. Raising the car, the mechanic examined the broken arm and asked me (!) For the keys “17” and “27”. To the trunk high - had to lower and raise the car again.

After that, he went to another car. For an hour and a half. With my keys.

Having returned, he began to confidently unscrew the mounting bolts of the bracket. To my question, is it not better to first unscrew the powerful traction nut and then remove the bracket, the mechanic assured that everything would be unscrewed. It did not work out - I had to screw the bracket back, etc.

When replacing the bracket with a new one, I asked to lubricate the thread: what if I still have to remove it. A mechanic with a finger (!) Began to get solid oil out of the can and lubricate the holes of the nuts. Inexperienced in car repair, I suggested he not get dirty and dip the bolt into the grease itself, which he readily agreed, wiping his hands on overalls.

… About five in the evening, the hour of reckoning arrived. Three unscrewed bolts and five minutes of a locksmith’s work may cost 70 thousand, but it’s just right for me to bill for lost time and moral damage - to whom?

Four and a half hours were wasted. I went to the exit, to the "customs". Here is a new surprise - the guards have an easy half-hour lunch. I had to wait until these gentlemen had lunch and deigned to let my car go. Since then, in "Nagatino" not a foot - and I do not advise you.


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